Wianelle Photography | DesignSpaceAfrica “Beyond the River: 50 Schools” Exhibition
CAPE TOWN ARCHITECTURAL PHOTOGRAPHER Wianelle Briers specialises in Interior and Exterior ARCHITECTURAL PHOTOGRAPHY. Her unique approach to photography explores beyond conventional points of view and delves into the artistic portrayal of the essence of architectural form. Dynamic mood, shape, light, and contrast, as well as construction methodology and materials, all serve as inspiration. Architects, interior designers, property developers, estate agents, restauranteurs and hoteliers delight in Wianelle’s unique artistic approach to interior and exterior architectural images.
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DesignSpaceAfrica “Beyond the River: 50 Schools” Exhibition

About This Project

The Department of Basic Education approached DesignSpaceAfrica (DSA), architecture firm of Luyanda Mpalwha to undertake the massive project of eradicating inappropriate school facilities, primarily in the Transkei rural area of South Africa, where many schools were built out of mud and basic facilities were lacking. The school sites are situated in an area characterised by hills, valleys and a network of rivers, and stretches over a vast 7000km² .

The DSA team created a “Kit of Parts” modular design so that each building could be adapted to the widely divergent topography. The first 50 schools where built in a record time of two years.

DSA was proudly selected to participate in the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale where the “Beyond the River: 50 Schools” exhibition can be seen.



DesignSpaceAfrica "Beyond the River: 50 Shools" Exhibition