Wianelle Photography | Coastal Contemporary
CAPE TOWN ARCHITECTURAL PHOTOGRAPHER Wianelle Briers specialises in Interior and Exterior ARCHITECTURAL PHOTOGRAPHY. Her unique approach to photography explores beyond conventional points of view and delves into the artistic portrayal of the essence of architectural form. Dynamic mood, shape, light, and contrast, as well as construction methodology and materials, all serve as inspiration. Architects, interior designers, property developers, estate agents, restauranteurs and hoteliers delight in Wianelle’s unique artistic approach to interior and exterior architectural images.
Architecture, Cape Town, Wianelle, Briers, photography, photographer, photograph, Interior, artistic, Exterior
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Coastal Contemporary

Wianelle Briers photographed four of the buildings featured in Coastal Contemporary – Architecture of Nelson Mandela Bay: 2000 – 2013.”  The book was edited by Albrecht Heroldt of The Matrix…Urban Designers and Architects.  Contact Emily Stanwix for more information emily@thematrixcc.co.za

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